Innovation & Development

Innovation & Development

Development of innovative technology solutions based on cloud services and SaaS.

Our solutions are custom developed, supported by agile and modular systems. We work with the Client since the beginning of the project, assisting in gathering and defining requirements, implementing the solution and maintaining support for our solutions.

Key areas

• Cloud computing
• Big data and analytics
• Internet of Things
• Smart cities

Intelligence Plataform

Transform data into information and knowledge..
This web-based platform centralizes in one place the data needed to make informed decisions.
Automatically researches, collects and analyzes data, providing valuable information that can assist you in decision-making and management.
Data to be analyzed may can come from a variety of sources and formats: news, videos, statistics, competitor actions, internal to the organization, or available on the web.
The solution is customizable to the reality of your business by analyzing the information relevant to your organization and creating the outputs that interest you at every moment.


IT infrastructure monitoring.
Dashboard for monitoring and alarmistic of IT infrastructure that allows you to gather all the information you need so you can have a real-time view of the state of the infrastructure, track system performance or detect incidents, failures or deviations..
The information is available and adapted to the needs of each case / type of user. It can be graphical, numerical, or qualitative, have predefined alerts, etc.

Innovation & Development