NOC & SOC: Operations Center

NOC & SOC: Operations Center

Ensure high availability, performance and security for your network and systems.

In an increasingly digital economy, continuous monitoring of companies' technological infrastructures is essential to guarantee the availability, performance and efficiency of their information systems and avoid business failures.

With proactive monitoring and real-time incident tracking, we are your first line of defense against attacks or disruptions in information systems and networks.


The Decsis Group brand for IT services.

SOC (Security Operation Center)

At DECSERVICES' SOC, a team specialized in cybersecurity monitors your entire IT environment and works to prevent, detect and quickly respond to cyberattacks. Using advanced technology and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools, we help protect your entire infrastructure, including network systems, servers and endpoints, protecting your company against cyberspace threats.

We act in a complementary way to the client's IT teams or in an integral way, ensuring the best security practices in the client's infrastructure.

  • Team with technical and specialized know-how, responsible for monitoring and actions to contain attacks, 24x7x365
  • Proactive interventions
  • Quick reaction to detected incidents
  • Real-time analysis of logs from the various systems under surveillance
  • Permanent coordination with Customer
NOC (Network Operation Center)

DECSERVICES' NOC solutions use cutting-edge technology, supported by a comprehensive and centralized platform, to remotely monitor your company's technological infrastructure, allowing you to detect any problems or trends in real time, signal and/or intervene in their resolution.

Our services can act in a complementary way to the client's IT teams or in an integral way, ensuring the management of the Client's equipment, network and infrastructure.

  • Team with technical and specialized know-how, with remote support, available 24x7x365
  • Proactive and alarmistic monitoring integrated with automation:
    • Improve hardware efficiency: intervene as soon as a malfunction begins
    • Early detection and prevention of incidents
  • Signaling and management of events and incidents
  • Patch and update management
  • Coordination with the Client's teams in signaling and/or resolving incidents and scheduled work

If you prefer, benefit from integrated NOC & SOC services to obtain a holistic view of your organization.

Our solutions are adapted to your organization. Contact us to evaluate the solution and service levels best suited to your business.

Benefits of NOC & SOC as a Service

24x7 Security
Around the clock monitoring and real-time analysis.
Expert team
Dedicated monitoring by a team of highly trained technicians.
Immediate response
Fast and accurate problem detection, diagnosis and resolution.">Managed Services ▪ CibersecurityData CenterDelivery & Support