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2021 . MAR . 04

Digital Platform for Social Responses in Central Alentejo This is another digital transformation project in Alentejo Central that included the participation of Decsis.

2021 . JAN . 19

Decsis joins this project, in conjunction with Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora and Cisco, participating in the elaboration of a strategic digital transformation plan for this Hospital for the 2023 horizon.

2020 . SEP . 18

Covid-19 Information
To ensure the safety of everyone, we have implemented exceptional measures to access our stores, following the guidelines of the DGS and the legislation.

2019 . JUL . 01

25 years of dedication, 25 years of excellence, 25 years of innovation.

2020 . FEB . 20

Signing of the consortium contract of the "Living Laboratory for the Decarbonization of Évora" (LVpDÉ), a project that focuses on the historic center of the city and that aims at mobility and the promotion of energy efficiency and an efficient urban space

2020 . FEB . 17

The single entrance ticket from the Évora Museum Network, promoted by Turismo do Alentejo ERT, was launched at a ceremony attended by Exma. Secretary of State for Tourism, Eng. Rita Marques.