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Relationship with Suppliers and Partners

Given the importance of the participation of Suppliers and Partners in our activities, we pay special attention to their selection and performance.

In this sense, we privilege Suppliers and Partners who commit themselves to an ethical and socially responsible conduct, and must respect, in any circumstance, the following principles:

  • Ensuring Respect and Equality in their activities
  • Act in compliance with the legislation in force
  • Adopt an Ethical and Responsible Conduct, respecting values and principles of loyalty, honesty, transparency and integrity
  • Guarantee Information Security, ensuring effective and adequate protection of information and information systems. In particular, ensuring the protection and privacy of personal data
  • Commitment with quality of the products and services provided
We inform our suppliers that if their ethical and professional conduct is questionable or don't respect the above mentioned principles, appropriate measures will be taken, and disqualification as a Decsis supplier may be considered.
Supply Assessment
With regard to the quality of products and services, we make a continuous assessment on each supply, considering the following parameters:
  • Deadline accomplishments
  • Delivery Conditions, considering in this parameter the fulfillment of specifications and eventual malfunctions
  • Effectiveness in incident resolution (such as DOA's)
Suppliers are evaluated for each parameter, on each supply, with a scale of 1 to 3, with 3 (excellent) fully complying with the parameter, 2 (sufficient) partially complying and 1 (insufficient) not complying with the parameter, being that if there's failures in more than 50% of the order or delays of more than a week the parameter is not met.
From the 5th supply, suppliers with a rating of sufficient in more than 50% of supplies or more than 25% supplies with a rating of insufficient will be informed by Decsis of their classification. In these cases,an improvement program may be proposed or the relationship may be the suspended.
In particular situations, and according to the products and / or services to be purchased, additional requirements may be defined that will be considered in the contract with the Supplier.

Contact for suppliers: fornecedoresgrupodecsis@decsis.pt


Relationship with Suppliers and Partners